Комитет по образованию Мингорисполкома
Управление образования администрации Партизанского района г. Минска

Государственное учреждение образования

"Гимназия №7 г. Минска"

Если ты мудр, будь пчелой - Si sapis, sis apis

   The aim: to promote safe and responsible behavior towards health of young people and motivate them to lead healthy lifestyles. A special feature of the program is its emphasis on the formation of youth life skills that help to form a conscious approach to life, take responsibility for one’s life and health and participation of young people themselves in planning, implementation and evaluation of public benefit activities in the field of public health.

   In this area we try to organize different school activities aimed at promotion of healthy living and fighting bad habits. This year we held a role-play ‘Trial over Alcohol’, a flash-mob ‘Future without drugs’, and a seminar ‘Healthy generation – healthy future’.

   When we discussed healthy eating habits we found out that tomatoes and cucumbers should be considered as fruits and that the first soup was made of hippopotamus.

   We pay much attention to such question as HIV and AIDS prevention. During the months dedicated to this problem we work on the project "Prevention and Treatment of HIV / AIDS in the Republic of Belarus”, our tradition is to give out red ribbons on the first of December.

   We often publish our own leaflets containing useful information regarding the most important issues and facts about the problem.

   So, our great aim is to prevent the spread of HIV among young people.




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