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"Гимназия №7 г. Минска"

Если ты мудр, будь пчелой - Si sapis, sis apis

   WORLD CULTURE is our favourite programme. The purpose is providing opportunities for young people in getting acquainted with the national culture and other cultures and acquiring values ​​such as tolerance for cultural diversity and peaceful conflict resolution through dialogue and cooperation, respect for the historical, cultural and natural heritage.

   We take part in role-playing in different youth conferences, foreign languages camps, youth initiative in learning other cultures and popularization of Belarusian culture among other nations.
In our gymnasia there is a tradition to organize The Celebration of the Poetry Day. On this day we always have a contest of poems. Pupils from different forms recite their favourite poems in different languages and the winners get prizes and diplomas. You can hear poems in English, Russian, Belarusian, Polish, German and Italian.

   We always try to establish contacts with schools from other countries. We have school-partners in Ukraine and Lithuania. The pupils regularly visit each other and exchange their experience of working in different UNESCO areas. During our last visit we had a special meeting ‘The dialogue of cultures’ where students made presentations about cultural heritage of their native countries.

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