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"Гимназия №7 г. Минска"

Если ты мудр, будь пчелой - Si sapis, sis apis

   ECOLOGY or ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION is a learning process that increases people's knowledge and awareness about the environment and associated challenges, develops the necessary skills and experience to address the challenges, and fosters attitudes, motivations, and commitments to make informed decisions and take responsible action. Its aim is to teach how natural environments function and, particularly, how human beings can manage their behavior and ecosystems in order to live sustainably.

   The boys and girls of our gymnasia are truly aware of the crucial ecological problems that the world faces nowadays. This makes us take action in social work on protection of the environment at least in our surroundings. We prepare reports on different kinds of pollution for pupils of our gymnasia; we create special posters to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment, we try to help with gardening in our school yard.

   The 22nd of April – is the international Earth Day. This year we organized a wonderful activity which was called ‘Make a wish to the Earth’. We created a model of the Earth and distributed little palms to pupils of our gymnasia. They could write their wishes and messages on those palms and stick them to our model. You can see in the slide what we got in the end – everyone could express themselves, there were many wishes, so our conclusion was that the Earth is in good hands, and future generations are ready to take responsibility for its protection.

   A special game was organized for pupils of the 5th and 6th forms. We made up a puzzle which contained a message to the Earth and they were to guess it. Or they had to find as many words connected with our planet as they could in the following Word search activity.

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